Stranger Than Good Fiction

Are the events in the series true?

jocelynsworld_rachaellmcintoshThis is a picture of the “new marketing area” at the defense contractor’s office I used to work for. Mine is the executive cube on the left – the one with the “Timeline of Terrorist Activity” posted next to the door. Notice the welcoming chain link fence in the background?

It was ridiculous really, but I got paid well and I trudged off to work each day. It was only recently that I realized that what I lived through during the lead up to the Iraq War, and after, may be of historical importance in some way.
So I started writing and Jocelyn McLaren, the main character in the Security Through Absurdity series, emerged. She took on a life of her own in the space I had been occupying.

I changed people’s names and skewed some (but not all) locations and wrote a big, long novel which I had to break down into three parts.  Almost instantly, upon publication of Book One: LITTLE YELLOW STICKIES I began receiving emails asking me if particular things mentioned in the book were true. Due to the volume of these types of emails, I decided to create where I answer reader’s questions.  So, check back regularly for new information and please pass the information on.

Oh, and if you have a question about any of the scenes in any of my books please feel free to contact me at this email address:
Thank you for your interest in the Security Through Absurdity series and I hope that you will share what you find out.
ENJOY and stay tuned!


Discovering the Truth is
Stranger Than Good Fiction

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