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Limited signed copies of both hard bound and soft cover books are available.


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First run editions are the first printing of the book on a printing press. They are notorious for weird typos, or strange mistakes.  They are soon removed from the market and replaced with corrected editions.   Collectors the world over seek out First Run Editions because of their special idiosyncrasies.

First Run Editions sold here are signed by the author and proudly sport a gold COLLECTOR’S ITEM stamp.


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Author Rachael L. McIntosh cancelled her contract with the original publisher of Security Through Absurdity when it was discovered  that unapproved versions of Book One: Little Yellow Stickies were appearing on Amazon.   Some of these unapproved books had her name spelled wrong and sometimes the wrong title.  The text in the pirated copies appears to be that of three versions before final approval.  Interestingly, two of the publisher’s editors, who had worked on this book, quit right around publication.  It is theorized, but not proven, that an editor may have taken the unapproved manuscript files and published the book. This book, while in development, was discussed many times before official publication as important due to its content.

The Reclaimed Pirated Copies available here are signed by the author and will have a RECLAIMED PIRATED COPY graphic stamped on the title page.


To purchase these rare collectors items, contact Entropy Press.
PO BOX 2254
East Greenwich, RI 02818

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