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Rachael L. McIntosh’s books are inspired by her real life experiences working for a major US defense contractor, her dealings with national news outlets, and her involvement in a US Presidential campaign.

Divided into three books, SECURITY THROUGH ABSURDITY is the story of corporate shenanigans, an unstable home life, and a quixotic presidential campaign. These situations propel Jocelyn through a believably bizarre journey and into dangerous psychological territory. In a matrix of life threatening situations, she is forced to question the very fabric of her GenX American upbringing.



Little Yellow Stickies

Security Through Absurdity Book One

Jocelyn McLaren is a beautiful, hard working, yet naive visual artist who, through a twist of fate, ends up working for a major US defense contractor during the lead up to the Iraq war. She unknowingly witnesses and unwittingly participates in crimes that haunt her and are ultimately interlinked with the most nefarious psychopaths on the planet.

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Bubbles Will Pop

Security Through Absurdity Book Two

Jocelyn McLaren, a former defense contractor, is now a new mother to twins! As she struggles to maintain what she images to be a normal family during the economic turmoil of the US housing collapse, she becomes involved in a political campaign and encounters troubling remnants of her life working for the military-industrial complex. These interactions haunt her, as well as the father of her children, and are ultimately interlinked with some of the most dangerous psychopaths on the planet.

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The Big Show

Security Through Absurdity Book Three

“The Big Show,” chronicles Jocelyn McLaren’s involvement with a presidential election. As her history of working for a US defense conglomerate collides with global finance and murder her future becomes increasingly unstable. Will she survive? BASED ON A TRUE STORY “Tell me. What would happen if the general public stopped believing that it was their votes that had wrought such misfortune? If they did not believe they could vote the problem away? Where would they turn their ire if they weren’t blaming each other?”

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Security Through Absurdity Books One through Three


9/11. A creepy congressman. Gold coins. Global Finance. A presidential election. Murder. Truth bombs everywhere. Based on a true story, the Security Through Absurdity series entertainingly keeps the reader captivated as America unravels. For the first time, all three books in Goodreads Best New Series of 2014 appear under the same cover!

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