The result of the recent presidential election still has many Americans in a tizzy.  A lot of people are having a hard time processing the results. While others are apparently enjoying taunting the people who didn’t vote for their candidate. The people who are confused and down right angry that their candidate didn’t win the election are now being corralled into a rebranding campaign.  But don’t worry, the winners of the recent made for TV voting event will be right there with them playing their part within the Purple Revolution too.




What I’m calling the Purple Revolution will not be exactly like the other CIA controlled color revolutions around the planet which have been carried out to incite regime change for the benefit of the US dollar.  However, successful elements have been studied and are being incorporated into the Purple Revolution because, well, they work for the interested parties. The US Purple Revolution will happen because of a global collapse of the banking system.  This upcoming event cannot be stopped, regardless of who the president of the United States is.  The Purple Revolution will force “The People” to “take back their government”.   This revolution will get kicked off during a catalyst type event, which in this scenario is pre-planned for control of the outcome.  As has been documented countless times in world history when a civilization is weakened by internal division it is more easily overthrown.  You’ve heard of this. It’s called “divide and conquer”, or as they say in Latin, Divide et impera.


The country must be cracked and divided for the Purple Revolution to emerge and blossom into what will be considered a massive and historic coming together of the American people. But rest assured, like a good movie plot, all is not what it seems.


How many times have we heard or read that “the country has never been more divided”?  This message is now pretty much internalized within the citizenry.  This redundant messaging is NLP.


Have you ever heard of NLP?  That’s short for Neuro Linguistic Programing which is closely aligned with Covert Hypnotism or subliminal messaging which is illegal to broadcast in other countries such as Australia and England, but in the United States there is no law on the books against it or for the use of government propaganda on it’s own citizens.   People were using NPL as a ‘self help’ tool for a while, but that has been largely discredited.   However, the techniques of NLP, Covert Hypnotism, and subliminal messaging are still widely used in marketing today and are, within that application, quite effective. These are also the tools of a good con artist.  Learn about it and you will soon see that almost everything you consume on T.V., and now to a more specific degree, the internet is peppered with NPL.


There are companies that specialize in quantifying the results of NLP.  One of the forerunners and market leaders in this is NeruoFocus which is now owned by Nielsen, the same company that is famous for television rankings.  It has had contracts with national outlets for quite some time now. The news distribution outlets were some of the first NeruoFocus customers.  The news channels wanted to know what makes their viewers tick, what keeps them watching, and most importantly, what makes them buy what they are looking at, and that includes the concepts they are selling like ‘the nation has never been more divided’.


Along with this unhealthy diet of demographically designed brainwashing, right now, regardless of who you voted for in the US election, you are most likely getting blasted with all sorts of contradictory messaging and you are trying to stay on top of what is real.  That is, of course, unless you are fully entrenched in your preferred distribution channel. Trusted news sources are being dismantled, in real time, right in front of everyone’s face across the political spectrum.  #FakeNews has replaced “conspiracy theory” in discrediting possibly important information from seeing the light of day. History is being re-written because of leaked personal messages that the vast majority of the citizenry has no fixed concept as to how these messages got verified at all.


This making people question what is actually real, is exactly one of the tenets of Fourth Generation Warfare. The question then becomes who exactly is pulling this on us? And why?


The impending financial calamity is not secret knowledge.  The G20 and the IMF and, of course, America’s favorite evil billionaire, George Soros, have been anticipating the financial reformation of the planet for almost a decade now.  Which makes me think that the CIA (which is basically the business unit of the US government, complete with it’s own PR office) knows about this upcoming financial event too.


But most of America seems spookily unaware.  So, while everyone was busy holding their tongues (or not) about the recent election, trying to maintain familial balance over Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie with warm, fuzzy mental images of the Pilgrims and the Indians celebrating the first Thanksgiving together and the Macy’s Day Parade lip synching and high kicking it’s way into everyone’s hearts;  in real life, American Indians had been getting blasted with pepper spray, toxic chemicals, rubber bullets and, ironically, water cannons while they were protecting their ancestral heritage  and vital water.  Naturally, most Americans could really care less especially since there are literally miles and miles of pipeline running across the USA, but a decent amount of the population feels bad for the Indians.   And after the Flint, Michigan thing, who is going to dispute that water is important?


The weird thing about this Standing Rock‘Water is Life’ thing is that the protest has gone global.   It’s not just another Native American tribe getting screwed over, yet again, by the US government, which is originally what I thought this was all about. I was surprised to find out that the pipeline was being built a half mile outside the border of a sovereign nation, basically along side another pipeline. And that the sovereign nation claimed that the pipeline was being built on their sacred ground which was not included in the last treaty.  I was also surprised to learn that the pipeline company did have plans to build it farther away, but for reasons unknown decided to push its luck while employing the worst corporate PR team ever.  Why they haven’t pulled out and decided to revert to plan B or pay the Sioux tribe a ton of money to calm down defies logic.  But that’s only if you are thinking like a normal person.  However, it makes perfect sense if you are trying to instigate a divide and conquer scenario fed directly to the end user via social media.  Now, Native people from tribes all all over the world are flying in to support the effort, or at the very least, showing up in traditional garb on Facebook holding signs in English showing their support.   Water is Life is going mainstream.  Thanks Water is Life International!


NOTE: Water Is Life International is an NGO, much like the Clinton Foundation, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Across the world, the number of internationally operating NGOs is about 40,000. The number of national NGOs in countries is even higher with around 1-2 million NGOs in India and 277,000 NGOs in Russia.


Why am I spending so much time on Standing Rock?  Well, that’s because it is shaping up to be the perfect catalyst for the Purple Revolution.   Remember that the Purple Revolution is not really about changing things for the better for the common person or Native American for that matter.  It’s about a transfer of power and making people believe that they are involved in something bigger.  That everyone together is making things better; that they aren’t just tax paying chattel; that the inevitable change they are pushing for is going to be just and fair, when in reality the very action of the protest is moving a larger unrelated agenda along.




I want you to look at this thing from China.  Don’t worry, it has subtitles.  You don’t have to watch the whole twenty five minutes. Just watch the first five minutes up until the part with Wesley Clark, who’s son, incidentally, is the organizer of December 4th Veterans for Standing Rock.  See if you can recognize these twelve steps and how this might be carried out here in the US.  Specifically step #6 and why I’ve been fixated on Standing Rock. If you do watch the whole thing, never mind what they are saying about the Freemasons.  I’ll talk about that in a different blog post someday; just pay attention to the twelve steps and keep an eye out for them in real life. They do mention election results being used  as a possible trigger…  These twelve steps are compiled from the book Dictatorship to Democracy which I referenced above. Remember while watching this, that almost every color revolution was a destabilization scheme that lead the way for ultimate take over.  And almost always the first thing to be established during reconstruction is a new central bank. 

It’s feasible that in other countries people might join together and help each other in the face of oppressive adversity and just accept that bad times have befallen all of them.  However, in the US today, because we have never been more divided as the press keeps reminding us, we cannot just have a global economic breakdown and not fight to the death about whose fault it is.  “It’s the DEMOCRATS!! THE REPUBLICANS!!! SNOWFLAKE LIBERALS!!!!! IGNORANT DEPLORABLES!!!!!  You did this to me!  You must be destroyed!”  This type of thinking has taken hold and will be exploited for the benefit of the new money which, by the way, will be issued by the same old players. Sure, it will probably still be called a dollar, but it’s not going to be the same thing at all.  It will be a currency that will most likely be issued by the IMF or the BIS and if this is the case it will be highly inflationary.  During the first few months of the change over things will probably get wonky.  You may not have access to your money as it gets re-calibrated to a new standard.  Cash will likely be hard to get from your ATM.  And you may not have the same buying power as you did before the reset.  What I’m telling you used to be relegated as conspiracy theory.  Now, it’s pretty much expected.


And this brings us back full circle to US politics < note the date on that link.


Eventually the country will welcome the Purple Revolution.  The purple will sooth the bruises of a the election and the hunger of financial catastrophe. Purple will act as a calming salve on the psyche of America.  The blending of the blue and the red, former political adversaries, working together to restore balance seems almost euphoric.  Who wouldn’t welcome this Purple Revolution? The best of all imagined ideologies bleeding together for the forces of good after all the trauma / drama.   I wish people would remove their rose colored glasses before then and study history.  It always repeats itself.  There is, and will be, so much work to do.  Remember all wars are bankers wars and that the political class has been aware of this for much longer than most of us.  It will be up to the strong minds that survive the Purple Revolution to make America really great again.

God Bless America.  We’ll need it.


link back to AMERICA THE PURPLE – PART ONE : the election




Author: Rachael L. McIntosh

Rachael is an artist and author who formerly worked for a U.S. defense contractor. Since this job was crazier than fiction, Rachael turned to writing and fictionalized her experiences working for the defense contractor into the trilogy, Security Through Absurdity. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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