I honestly think Clinton was supposed to win this election and that she had encouraged Trump to run as her adversary.  Clinton was obviously the more well spoken of the two BUT her history (not to mention the suspicious deaths surrounding her and Bill) and (not to mention the Pizza Party / Spirit Cooking Podesta emails) and (not to mention the non-stop email investigations) and (not to mention the Clintons in Haiti) and (not to mention Bengazi) and (not to mention her personal assistant Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood) and (not to mention Huma’s husband conveniently being a serial sexting fiend) and (not to mention WikiLeaks spilling out all sorts of incriminating leaked emails at the eleventh hour) and (not to mention the suspected pay to play for government contracts stuff with the Clinton Foundation) and her health, well, she really needed someone up there running against her who was just a creep.  A real clown.  A creepy clown, if you will.   You know, to hog the news cycles and when Trump’s baloney would come up, as it inevitably did, she could simply point to him and say, “See! That’s not me! Vote for me. I’m not him.”


But Clinton seemingly lost it when she called Trump’s supporters “deplorable”.   A lot of people were starting to listen seriously to Trump because of all that aforementioned unmentionable stuff about her.  The voters had already been pushed to the edges of their acceptance envelope when it became obvious that the democratic party was not playing fair.  People didn’t like that. Most people did not like how Trump was handling himself either. The non-stop barrage of unmentionables tipped the scales for the newly christened “Deplorables”, and they, now injected with enough vitrol, pushed the vote away from her.


‘It’s the economy stupid’ might be ringing in your ears right now.  That and the fact that many people were looking for different options for president and refused to vote for either Clinton or Trump or even cast a ballot at all.


I think documentary film maker Michael Moore was right  on the money with his logic about why Trump won.  If you take a couple of cross country road trips and stop to grab something to eat, you’ll see it.  Seriously, the people are in a totally different reality than anyone living in a more metropolitan area.  I’m not saying urbanized people are better.  I’m saying the reality is simply different, so the marketing had to be different.  And that’s what political campaigns are after all – corporate marketing campaigns on steroids.


Hillary Clinton knew the game and secured crazy money from the wealthiest people on the planet for almost two years for her marketing campaign.   Amazingly (or not)  she did, in fact, win the popular vote with a lead of at least 1.5 million votes (as I type votes are still being counted) according to estimates by both Nate Cohn of The New York Times and Henry Olsen, a conservative voting analyst whose pre-election predictions were close to the actual results.  No candidate in American history has ever won this many popular votes and lost the presidency. In other words, according to this election, more people are “with HER” in their mindset, but she lost the Electoral College, aka the keys to the Treasury.  Remember, up until 2003 the Secret Service was part of the Department of the Treasury.


In my mind, 2016 will go down as the year that everyone tried to figure out what the heck the Electoral College was all about.  We now all know that the Electoral College is the only group that gets to vote for president as per the US Constitution.  You are not voting directly for the candidate, nor is this a personality contest.  When you vote, you are actually joining with your state’s franchise of a private club that wants a certain candidate to win in order to forward a certain agenda.  By voting you are telling your state which agenda to vote for in the Electoral College.  The person the private club props up as would-be-leader is simply the mascot for that team’s agenda or platform.  It basically boils down to : “do you prefer someone dressed up as a Wolf or a Cougar dancing around on TV as we carry out our agenda?”


Anyway, the reason this gets sketchy for most of us is because of two things: #1 A lot people didn’t catch that piece of critical, philosophical information about what voting for President really is.  You’ll notice the word “Democracy” does not appear in the the US Constitution, nor in any of the states’ constitutions. The founders of this country were well aware of what could happen in a democracy and sought to restrain that urge by making voting all about the states, not the individual voters.   And  #2  each state has it’s own rules about how to cast its ballots in the Electoral College. In some states the Electors are bound to vote with the state’s popular vote, while in other states it’s totally the call of the Elector.  As is the case in Rhode Island where the community rallies together in support of yoga pants, some states are bound to vote with the majority winner of their surrounding states.


All of this electoral stuff has, of course, been made even more confusing when for over a year and a half everyone has been slathered with the some pretty serious psychological mind-f*ckery.  Lots of colorful charts going up and down like the stock market to “scientifically” illustrate our reality for us, while the media (aka: most of America’s vital connection to the world) was yelling or sneering at us.  The term “Snowflake” was introduced to demean the largest segment of the US population while the more conservative “Deplorables” have embraced their label in much the same way blacks took on “nigger” – meaning that it’s ok to call yourself one if you have been identified as part of the group, but totally not cool if someone else calls you that.


Meanwhile, it was no mistake that we were getting inundated with trauma images and confusing, conflicting reports while trying to parallel process who the next leader of the United States should be.  How were we supposed to logically function with people getting massacred at a gay night club which produced a huge outpouring of grief and donations and a call to unify around the LGBT community; or innocent folks getting shoot down at rock concert in Paris; or at some office in San Bernadino with people getting shot and terrorized featuring breathless play by play of a car crash; or people getting run over by an out of control box truck while taking a leisurely stroll in Nice, France which amounted to more fear and blood… oh wait. ; and I almost forgot, that random weirdo thing at wine bar in Germany that I didn’t really get what was going on, but there was that; and the Brussels airport being blown up.  All this trauma, captured on shaky cell phone cameras, was drilled into or collective unconscious.  We were all gripped as we were simultaneously presented with a cast of characters parading around trying to impress upon us that only they, and the agenda that they were pushing, could control the pervading chaos.


I think most people who voted for Trump were not totally in love with him, but they just didn’t want Clinton to win.  They wanted something else.  A different option.  The names Bush and Clinton were painful like an old mattress.  It was time to kick that thing to the curb and bring in something new so that everyone could, hopefully, get a good night’s sleep.  When Trump said he would investigate Hillary Clinton’s situation and take her to court during one of the debates, some people really loved that.  Finally! Justice!! Naturally, after the election, Trump pretty much instantly swallowed his words during his interview with the news show 60 Minutes saying that he “didn’t want to hurt her.”  That she and Bill “are good people.”  *sigh*  But of course, they were at your wedding Donald…


And that was my first major hint that somehow, some way, Clinton and Trump were actually working together.  Playing Good Cop / Bad Cop (gasp!)  But…But…How can you say that?!  You might ask.  Read on and you’ll see where I’m going with this.


So while Clinton was dodging FBI inquisitors (traditionally a red flag that something’s not quite kosher) and Trump was somehow avoiding all sorts of real red flag / newsworthy items despite the fact that his supporters still seem hell bent that he is an “outsider” and the “liberal media” treated this billionaire-formerly-leaning- democrat-and Reform-Party-presidential-hopeful –turned-champion-of-the-working-class-Republican unfairly,  I think the opposite is true.  He was able to circumvent all sorts of nationally important issues for both Clinton and himself just by opening his mouth. Did we hear about any real issues this election that we could get our heads around?  Did we?  Or do we just feel like we did?


Trump had the media wrapped around his little finger as he shot off belligerent, offending Tweets and seemingly unscripted, catchy, trademark worthy, marketing slogans.  He was able to get far more television time for free just because of opening his mouth.   Now, remember, this man is an entertainer, specifically savvy with reality TV.   He has 19 credits as a producer,  20 credits as an actor in films that you may have heard of, and 220 credits where he is just listed as “self”.  He’s  acted in WWE events while managing his real estate investments and other businesses.  Thinking back, have you heard much about the 75 different court cases he has against him? (yeah, sort of, but that’s to be expected if you are running that many businesses. He’s not Crooked Hillary!). Pay to play is one of the big cases, which is exactly what Clinton Foundation was being accused of too… (but he’s not Crooked Hillary!). You have probably heard that he has settled out of court, finally, with the Trump University people who were scammed by him (but he’s not Crooked Hillary!).  It will be the first time ever that a President-elect was dealing with a live fraud case (but he’s not crooked…) .  Did you know that  foreign money was coming into super-pacs for him? (that’s nothing compared to Hillary, he’s an outsider!)  This was organized by none-other than deeply embedded Mitch McConnell’s and Ron Paul’s former campaign manager, Jessie Benton. (yeah, well, Ron Paul is why Romney lost…)  Did you know that Trump had occasion to be on the same “Lolita Express” to known pedophile Philip Epstein’s private island as Bill Clinton?  (but Trump’s not Crooked! Bill might be) Do you know how many women are accusing Trump of sexual assault and rape? (but those are politically motivated lies, made up stories).   Did you know that Trump was dealing with Cuba well before the official end of the US embargo? (well he’s a businessman, he saw an opportunity)  Do you know how many times Trump declared bankruptcy? (For goodness sake! at least he’s not as evil as Clinton!)


Given this “evil” meme,  Trump is positioning himself to be the most pro-Israel president ever. (See he’s not evil! That’s where baby Jesus was born.)  Which explains why he started wearing blue ties on specific dates. If you are ever at my Facebook page you’ll see I’m kind of obsessed by politicians’ tie choice.  And then there was the meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, right before the debates, with each of the candidates.  That was when the election was probably settled. Trump will now up the financial aid package that President Obama recently signed which was, by the way, THE LARGEST US FOREIGN AID PACKAGE EVER.  The US taxpayers, under the Trump administration, will be funneling over 40 BILLION DOLLARS to Israel via contracts with US defense contractors – meaning the US is effectively borrowing this money and paying interest on behalf of Israel and giving the borrowed money directly to the same people Dick Chaney was dealing with.


Let’s be clear, this is more than one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget.  Here’s my question: if that’s only one-fifth, then what is the total amount that the US is dolling out all over the planet in the name of foreign aid?  And as a related sidebar question, can we really afford to be doing this?


Trump has also promised that he will make it so that any country that boycotts Israel, the US will not trade with – meaning Malaysia and many other productive Muslim countries. Additionally, his administration will not refer to Israel as an “occupier” of Palestine or any of the disputed land.  This is considered important should there be future peace negotiations.  Trump apparently worked this out this past summer and promised all of this should he get elected.  Talk about motivation to get AIPAC rolling! So, even though Trump is not as academically finessed with his presentation as Clinton and has made conflicting comments about Israel, let’s see if he follows through with this or if it was just a “campaign device”.


Interestingly,  both Trump and Clinton’s daughters, who have been friends since they were little girls, both converted to Judaism to marry the sons of very well to do, politically connected, criminals.


The foreign aid thing and the marrying into crime families aside, I think the biggest take away from this election, other than the entrainment (ie brainwashing) that was going on (oh, I could go on and on about that, but that’s another blog post), was when Trump continually ranted that the election was rigged – and then he won!  Well, that was a neat trick.


If Trump lost, everyone was pre-programmed to believe that the system was faulty and the part of the population, who were happily armed, might demand a recount, or an overhaul of the voting machines, or how we vote in general, or worse.


Now, if he won, as he did, would Clinton supporters start chanting Trumpisms about rigged elections? Would any self respecting Clintonite want to lead the charge complaining that “the election was rigged!”, a term basically trademarked by Trump himself during this election?  Especially considering the well placed and unprecedented debate question about “would you accept the results….?


Overall, this was an effective muzzling of people who are concerned about how votes are collected and counted here in the United States.   However,  the tension is now palatable.  I contend that this vote counting, “rigged”, reverse psychology was probably the largest, single, victory of this entire election for the entities who profit from this process. People were literally forced to chose between the lesser of two evils, while this whole circus of an election reinforced the concept that only these two parties are worthy of your vote.  Remember, it’s vital that The People believe that their vote counts and that they can vote their misery away or else the whole fabric of our national identity starts to unravel.

The 2016 election for president of the United States despite being a long, dragged out, down and dirty fight, was not really a battle between Clinton and Trump – who are just puppets suffering from varying degrees of a narcissistic personality disorder –  but rather a long standing grudge match between Socialist ideology and Imperial Capitalism.  The amazing thing (or not) is that the marketing department at the Imperial Capitalism team won and that’s regardless of who walked away with the title of President of the United States of America.

And this brings me back to why I think Clinton and Trump, unwittingly or not, are working toward the same outcome.  This is of seminal importance because I anticipate a PURPLE REVOLUTION here in the United States, but it won’t go down like the other color revolutions around the globe.



AMERICA THE PURPLE –  PART TWO : the revolution





Author: Rachael L. McIntosh

Rachael is an artist and author who formerly worked for a U.S. defense contractor. Since this job was crazier than fiction, Rachael turned to writing and fictionalized her experiences working for the defense contractor into the trilogy, Security Through Absurdity. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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