Acclaimed Author McIntosh To Make Her First Appearance on “New Culture Radio”

Rachael L. McIntosh, author of the provocative “Security Through Absurdity” series, will be appearing on highly-regarded show “New Culture Radio” on Monday, August 29th, 2016.

Author Rachael L. McIntosh

Author Rachael L. McIntosh


PROVIDENCE, R.I.Aug. 26, 2016PRLog — Since the release of her first book, Little Yellow Stickies, in 2014, Rachael L. McIntosh has been thrown into the limelight many times. With the recent release of her third book, and the audiobooks of the series, she has now been booked to appear on “New Culture Radio” to discuss the books, their reception and how they have changed her life. Her last interview appearance on the popular show “STG Report” was a huge success with over 27,000 views on Youtube.  This latest interview with “New Culture Radio” should be an eye-opener for listeners.

The “Security Through Absurdity” series tells the engrossing story of Jocelyn McLaren, a naïve visual artist, who gets thrown into the dark and dangerous world of corporate shenanigans. With an unstable home life and a quixotic presidential campaign, Jocelyn is thrown into a believably bizarre journey and into dangerous psychological territory. In a matrix of life threatening situations, she is forced to question the very fabric of her GenX American upbringing. The series is famed for touching upon conspiracy theories and some of the deepest secrets of the American Corporate world.

Reviews have been extremely positive with one reviewer calling the series “so well-crafted it’s hard to tell where fiction begins and reality ends,” while another has hailed it as “a real eye opener into the behind the scenes world of defense contractors.” Readers have already been anticipating the release of the fourth book.

McIntosh, who has used her series of books to educate readers about the inner workings of the corporate world, will be answering questions about the themes behind her books which include 9/11, the invasion of Iraq by the U.S Military, and elections. She will also be talking about the upcoming release of “Tres In Unum,” the omnibus edition of the “Security Through Absurdity” series which will be released in September of this year.

The show was recorded with New Culture Radio and will be available to listen to at You can learn more about Rachael L. McIntosh via her official website and blog at

Author: Rachael L. McIntosh

Rachael is an artist and author who formerly worked for a U.S. defense contractor. Since this job was crazier than fiction, Rachael turned to writing and fictionalized her experiences working for the defense contractor into the trilogy, Security Through Absurdity. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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